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Monday, January 24, 2005

Japanese garden

As much as I bitch constantly about this country (sorry Taka and Pook). There are lovely things about living in Japan. Yesterday Yutaka and I visited a cool nursery with an awesome Japanese garden section.

They had pots and pots of one of my favourite flowers- Tulips!!!

Have you ever seen blue orchids? They were worth going to this nursery if nothing else.


Seeing as I pass a million and one examples of Engrish/Japlish everyday, I thought i'd start a special section devoted to the butchering of my native language by the natives of this other country i'm living in.

Here is one I saw yesterday. Made me shudder at the thought of what they're putting in their loaves.

Weird Sushi

I like sushi. I love sushi train restaurants- where the small plates of sushi roll along a little conveyor belt next to you and you choose whatever looks nice (edible).

Usually sushi consists of maguro(tuna), shake (salmon), unagi (eel), saba (mackeral), hamaguri (clam) yada yada. However at this restaurant I noticed very different types of sushi, such as BBQ pork, corn salad and meatballs!? I kid you not. Take a look

Monday, January 03, 2005


Wow, it snowed here on New Years Eve!!! Not a totally unknown occurrence but not common either. It was very exciting!

As you can probably tell....smilies aint working for me the last couple of posts... Rest assured I will overcome this temporary lack of self-expression-stifledness. I just made that a word. ;-P