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Monday, August 22, 2005

Expat get together

A few of us ex-pats (with Japanese husbands) had a bit of a get together last week in Nara. It was great! Good company, lots of chat, yummy food, noisy kids, beer, wine....ahhh.... I've met some awesome women in Japan. Another cool thing was the mix of nationalities, we had two Americans, one British, one New Zealander and an Aussie.

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That's one thing I really love about travelling and meeting people, you can be in a group and realise you're the only one of your nationality there. And in some strange way it makes you want to be careful of how you portray your nationality. You become an ambassador of sorts. I think i've become more patriotic than ever by travelling and living overseas. And coming do you appreciate the small things. Even the simple way a bus driver at Sydney airport greeted another driver, with a "g'day Rosso". Made the bus crack up laughing and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last Post

Some of you may remember fondly my large cucumber post. Well, I had to delete it. It had stuffed up my whole page and I was too much of a technophobe to figure it out or too lazy. It's bloody hot here in Japan at the moment. It has sucked all my energy. When you wake up and see it is 30 degrees in your house, it aint a nice way to start the day. Bring on Autumn!

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