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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Japan Today - Quote Of The Day

Japan Today - Quote Of The Day - If you walk into the Rakuten office around 3 a.m. in the morning, you'll probably see about 70 or 80% of the staff still working. - Japan's Leading International News Network
Hiroshi Mikitani, president of Internet shopping mall operator Rakuten, saying the diligence of his young staff (mostly in their 20s and 30s) is the reason for his company's success. (Kyodo)

What company president would be proud to say this? A Japanese company president of course. The staff mentioned here must have such a fun filled, joyous life.

Excuse me while I go and puke.....

Monday, March 14, 2005

In Memory of Jay

Our beloved family dog died last Friday.

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We had Jay for about eight years after we received him from the pound as an adult dog of three years. He was a breeding dog, passing his Weimaraner genes on until the day his breeding owner passed away and he was sent to the pound.

My parents used to own a female dog of this breed and they had been very fond of her. One day while out and about in our home town my Father saw a lady walking a weimaraner and asked her about the dog, where she had gotten her from etc. This lady informed my Father that a breeding couple had been sent to the pound after their owner died. This lady had taken the female but as far as she knew the male was still at the pound. So as soon as we could (maybe later that day or the next) my Father and I set off to the pound. We found 'Jay' and asked the staff about him. But those smart ladies at the pound knew a family looking for a dog a mile away and they promptly gave us his leash, bowl and the dog. And we'd only gone to the pound to look at him!

So being unprepared to take on a dog at such short notice, Dad and I had to stop at the shopping centre on the way home to buy food etc for Jay. We were also in Mum's *new* car and so had a bit of explaining to do to Mum when she came home that night.

And so Jay became a loving member of the family. A fierce watchdog by night (scaring off at least one would be burglar, who probably stained his pants by the panicked 'shit' Mum heard him say while frantically trying to climb back over the backyard fence). But a docile, friendly, give anyone a lick dog by day.

He was Dad's dog. He even did the security rounds with Dad for a year or so and loved even minute of that!

He used to come and help me get the chooks eggs, always running ahead but turning around to make sure I was coming. He loved people and people loved him!

Thanks 'Jay Jay' for the memories, we'll miss you boy.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sick of teaching American English

I am AUSTRALIAN hear me roar!!!! I am so sick of teaching American English. Yesterday when teaching kids new food words using flashcards, I got to the red sauce stuff you put on meat, potato chips etc..... Do we all know what i'm talking about?? TOMATO SAUCE!!!!! This card had of course, Ketchup written on the back. So I taught the kids both words.

Please take heed, a sweater is a JUMPER.

Fall is AUTUMN. When teaching a kinder class the seasons, I didn't even have the option to say Autumn, as only 'Fall' was written on their worksheet, as you can see here;

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Oh and for the record, does anyone know what a castinet is?! Yet another new word I am supposed to teach, yet don't know.

Sick of smog

I am so friggin sick of smog. This is the first time in my life to live in a city and i've been doing fairly well I reckon. But I have just had it with the smog!!! This is a pic from our study window....I zoomed in, so you can see more detail than if you just looked out.

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I'm surprised my asthma hasn't been worse since we moved here. I miss the fresh air from back home and being able to see the distant hills.