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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Australian Politics Test

This is an interesting test to show how you fit into the Australian Political system. Have a go, you might be surprised by your results.
Australian Politics Test

I tend to be centre left with no political party being very much aligned to my views. The closest were Family First and The Greens.
My Results

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Being White, the new uncool?

This has been an ongoing thought of mine for a while now. I was going to take the time over a few days to write it out and word it properly but i've been getting a bit impatient for other's thoughts. I obviously have too much time on my hands but so be it.

My thoughts on being 'white'.

It seems that being 'white' isn't very cool. I used to find myself jealous of people with varied cultural backgrounds, who celebrated interesting festivals and ate different foods. The girls of Indian decent I went to high school with always seemed exotic to me with their whole other world going on once they got home. They could
speak another language and smelled of spices and visited family in different countries in the school holidays.

Minorities around me always seemed so passionate about their culture and families and I often found myself so intrigued by their way of life. Maybe this was what first led me to leave Australia and date guys of other nationalities? I always wanted my kids to be able to speak another language. I always thought that i'd love to be different and have my Mum come from some exotic country (she's British and I always wished she was from a non-English speaking country, so I could have had the opportunity to be bilingual).

I find people from non-white backgrounds (this is probably not very politically correct) being proud of what their culture is and has done. African Americans have their great musical talents, Aboriginal Australians have their intimate knowledge of nature and fantastic arts and crafts, Japanese have their long long history and
traditions. And I find myself thinking, what can I as a white Australian be proud of?

Well, my ancestors built ships and found new lands- but then proceeded to kill the natives and stuff up the environment.

It just seems that being 'white' (and I guess i'm mainly talking about being white in Australia) is not something to be proud of. In some way I feel relieved that my kids can at least get some 'culture' and 'history' from their Japanese side.

OK, I think it's all out now. I know this is all over the place but that is the state of my mind at present.

Your thoughts?