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Thursday, September 20, 2007

An update

Lately, I guess i've been keeping busy but not in a typically busy at work kinda way. I have decided that staying away from the work I was doing is the best idea for now as I found it pretty stressful. And as pregnancy is not really the best of times to go searching for a new job, i'm having my gestation period quietly at home.

It's given me the chance to catch up on hobbies i'd neglected for a while and start new ones. I'm doing a sewing course and am presently making baby clothes, which is really satisfying. I'm hoping once I get a bit more experienced, i'll be able to expand and make clothes for hubby and I and things for our house.

My camera/computer are being big poos lately too! My camera works fine but when I try to connect it to our computer to upload my pics, it won't read properly. I've searched online for answers and tried everything I can. The camera's batteries are fully charged. The cable seems fine, drivers seem fine. The computer accepts the camera but when it goes to get the photos, something obviously doesn't compute. I have a feeling our computer might be on it's last legs. It's slowing down a lot lately and just doing whatever the hell it likes. I've tried disk cleanup. So any ideas to fix these two problems?

As for the pregnancy, I am officially in second trimester about 14 weeks along (almost 15). According to all the info, my uterus is the size of a large grapefruit, my baby would be fully formed, it has eyebrows and is even peeing! Thanks goodness that bloody morning sickness started to ease about a fortnight ago and has almost disappeared. That was rough going for a while.

Little Mango-chan would look something like this;

I don't have an actual ultrasound picture to show as i've decided not to have ultrasounds. They haven't been proven to improve outcomes and in fact some studies have even shown some harmful effects. Here is one article by Sarah Buckley, outlining some cause for concern if you're interested. One thing from this article that should scare the shit outta anyone thinking of having an ultrasound,

''A UK survey showed that, for one in 200 babies aborted for major abnormalities, the diagnosis on post-mortem was less severe than predicted by ultrasound and the termination was probably unjustified''.

There is no reason for a healthy woman progressing with a healthy pregnancy to have an ultrasound, especially if she doesn't intend to abort at any abnormal findings.