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Friday, November 09, 2007

Sewing for bub

I've been going to sewing classes to learn how to sew. My Grandma left me her sewing machine and it had been sadly sitting all alone for months and months before I finally got good enough to try a few things. We also moved our furniture around, so I could easily use it. I was so excited I made some outfits for bub.

Made for bub

Since I started lessons i've also made a skirt for me (doesn't fit now), boxers for hubby (he didn't like them) and currently i'm making a maternity dress.

New Zealand

Last month hubby and I went to New Zealand for a holiday. Last big break before bub comes. We had a great time. Kept busy most days as I wanted to see lots of places. We were basically based at Lake Taupo (central part of the North Island) but we did plenty of day trips to places like Rotorua, Napier, Hastings etc. Here are a few pics.

First the geothermal areas. They were insane! Smelly gases, bubbling mud and hot creeks and pools.

Steaming lake;
Smelly steam

Mineral deposits looking like a geothermal waterfall;
Geothermal waterfall

Boiling hot pool;
Geothermal pool

Bubbling mud;
Bubbling mud

Leaves fallen into the mineral laden mud;

Gorgeous scenery everywhere. Here are some green rolling hills;

Breathtaking waterfall;

A creek in the trout fishing capital of the world;
Trout creek

Maori culture. When big burly Maori men are doing the haka right in front of you, whoa, you get goosebumps. Here is a group showcasing traditional Maori dance and music;
Maori cultural evening

Maori cultural evening

Plenty of yummy food too. Here is a visual instruction on how to eat a prawn. First start with a huge platter of freshly cooked prawns;

Next, play with your food and get to know it;

Then pull the shell off and eat the tasty meat. But don't forget to suck all it's brains out;
How to eat a prawn

Finally, survey the damage and be satisfied;
The damage After

Hubby decided he liked the sound of rolling down a hill in the center of a plastic ball;

We finished off with a couple of days in Auckland;
Sky tower

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Woohoo, camera issues sorted

OK, now I can actually access pics off my naughty camera, I have decided to bore you all with pics from the last couple of months.

I spent a week in Tasmania (an island off the south of the Australian mainland, which is a state in itself) in September. My parents have recently moved there and as i'd never been, I didn't need any excuse to go and see.

Tassie in pictures
Down by the water:

Salamanca markets. A popular weekend market in central Hobart. Saw some awesome cloth nappies and my Dad bought scrumpy! Nice fresh cheap vegies there too:
Salamanca markets

It was spring time, so gorgeous bulbs out everywhere. Some daffodils in a cemetery:

Wattles were flowering everywhere. I have never seen so many different types of wattle before. There were even wattle trees. As in huge massive tall trees with wattle blossoms all over. This isn't one of the big wattle trees, just a gorgeous specimen.

Pebbly beach:

Fresh Tassie seafood:
Fresh Tassie seafood

The coastline down to Port Arthur:

Ruins at Australia's most famous prison site at Port Arthur. An intriguing, eerie, sad place:

Looking out from within the ruins of the hospital. This place made me want to cry, all I could feel was despair:
Looking out from the hospital

Daffodils grew like wild flowers in Tassie. You'd be driving and see a whole paddock full of these happy yellow flowers: