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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back again

Once again i've been awol. But this time I have a good excuse. I have been feeling absolutely terrible. Imagine feeling like vomiting about 14 hours of the day?! That's been my life everyday for the last three weeks.

I'm pregnant! It is long awaited news for Yutaka and I and of course our families. My Mum is already madly crocheting a million booties and bonnets and things.

I am very excited to be a Mum and can't wait to make our family one person bigger. I remember when I was a teenager thinking about being a Mum... I started a list of names for my future kids when I was about 12! A few I have had to cross of though, as they have 'v' or 'l' or are unable to be pronounced properly in Japanese. Plenty of other names work in both languages though.

So here I start the pregnancy journals. Can't say how much i'll be writing or if i'll feel up to it very often.

I leave you with a pic I took last week. Love daffodils!