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Friday, July 17, 2009

Homebirth with an independent midwife to become illegal?!

Yes you read correctly. The Australian government is planning to take one huge step backwards and make homebirth with an independent midwife in attendance illegal from July 2010. What a country. Aint I proud to call it home. Remind me again why I worked so hard to get my husband's visa so we could move back to Australia....something about a better quality of life..... 

This is unfuckingbelievable. Independent midwives like the midwife that attended the birth of my daughter cannot gain professional indemnity insurance (as they are too small a group to insure) and would therefore not be able to work in this capacity. It will be illegal for me to have a homebirth with a qualified independent midwife in attendance from July 2010. I will have lost my freedom of choice and many midwives will have lost their livelihood. Essentially it is discriminatory against both the Australian women who chose to birth at home with an independent midwife and the independent midwives who attend these births. 

Want more info about this? 

Some commentary on this topic; 


What YOU can do

Even if you don't homebirth but can see this as a blatant removal of rights, please have your say and let people know this is wrong. What can you do to help prevent this from happening?
  • Sign this online petition. 
  • Read this page for ideas.
  • Write a submission to the Senate Committee by July 20 (2009) regarding the Health Legislation Amendment (Midwives and Nurse Practitioners) Bill 2009 and two related Bills. There is a pro-forma you can use here along with details of where to send it (e-mail).
  • Write a letter to your MP letting them know how you feel about this.
  • Visit your MP. Even more impact than just writing.
  • E-mail me to have your name added to a petition aiming to make sure that home birth remains a legal choice for Australian women. 
  • Join the rally to save homebirth outside Parliament House on September 7th at 11am. My daughter and I will be there.
  • Tell everyone you know about this.
  • Let me know if you can think of anything else.
It starts here but who knows what is next. Maybe it'll be your right to own a car or have a blog? 


SJ said...

There is a solution, and it is available online for the past 4 years. Sinclair Insurance Company ( accepts Homebirth Midwives Professional Indemnity Insurance, and provides coverage for HMs from Australia, as well as from many other countries.
Sinclair has made a submission both to APRA and to the NRAIP suggesting this type of insurance will be included in the APRA's Atypical Risks Table, enabling the Austrlalian Homebirth Midwives purchase this cover not only online (as is already available), but also locally onshore.

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